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Get Your Year Framed And Count The Memories

Celebration is not limited to year-ends but stretches throughout. Every month gives us reasons to celebrate and millions of memories. How about framing the most precious ones this time and present it to your loved ones? Strand Framing, an Ireland based manufacturer and supplier of superior quality image presentation products, provides you with a platform to source some of the most stylish frames, mounts and every kind of supplies needed to encase it in a very special way.

Let’s look into twelve such moments from 12 months—

  • January – New Year Celebrations

This is mostly associated with clinking of champagne glasses and counting down the last few seconds before the clock strikes 12 o’clock. Frame such memories enjoyed with friends and family, present it to them and let them relive those moments.

  • February – Month of ‘Love’

The most thoughtful gift on Valentine’s Day could be an adorable picture of you and your partner on your first date. Choose one of those snaps and encase it in a lovely looking frame to be gifted to the love of your life.

  • March – Mother’s Day

Mother, the one who brought us into this world, really deserves something special on her day. Pick one of her very favourite picture, which could be anything like she giving you a peck on your cheek or the two of your enjoying a holiday, and frame such a treasured moment. Gift the same memento to her on this day.

  • April – Easter

Usually Easters are spent with family, enjoying delightful sumptuous meals together and hunting eggs with your loved ones. You could even frame one of such pictures and give it out as a surprise gift to your family members.

  • May – Spring at full blast

Why should the supportive neighbours be left out? As a token of appreciation, frame one of your best snap-shots taken of Nature and its blossoming flowers on springtime.

  • June – Mourne International Walking Festival

Northern Ireland gives us some of the best destinations to visit and go for a walk. The Mourne Mountains are one such scenic location where walkers cover 10k - 40k distance on foot. One of those candid shots clicked during that festival can well be framed, just to be given out to your new walker friends as a souvenir of blossoming friendship.

  • July – Music festivals

Live music is on full swing during this month, where eminent signers join the festival to entertain people of every age and lovers of every genre. You could take one of those snaps taken during a concert and frame it for a nice gift idea. Present it to your concert-goer friend and surprise her/him with an incredible gift.

  • August – Onset of Summer Vacations

Summer times are reminiscent of long vacations and a whole lot of family time. Enclose one of such snapshots into a picture frame and gift it to the dearest member of your family.

  • September – Start of a new session in school

It’s more of a proud moment for parents when their children move into a new session. Don’t overlook such moments, rather frame it and decorate one of the corners of your home with it.

  • October – Halloween

Halloween is all about dressing up in funny costumes and clicking pictures together. Get it framed this time!

  • November – Thanksgiving

This event again calls for a lovely time spent with family and friends. Take a snap of your family enjoying a supper on a Thanksgiving night and encase it in a beautiful frame.

  • December – Merry Christmas

Such wonderful memories and gift ideas all coalesce to this time of the year. As a Christmas gift, pick a family snap, set it in a frame and present it to your son/daughter living away from home to remind them of their family roots.

Author Bio:

The author understands the power of picture frames and considers it a thoughtful present any day. Through this write-up, she wishes to remind you of all those memories which you might have actually over

looked. In essence, she encourages readers to frame them up for now and forever!

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