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Why Are Custom Photo Frames Considered Better Than Store-Bought Photo Frames?

You may be wondering where the difference between store-bought photo frames and custom photo frame lie. There are many who just buy a standard photo frame from any art store while there are others who prefer customizing the photo frame. What matters here is the cost of the photo frame and whether the art item you put inside has value or not. At times the art item to be put inside the photo frame has a great sentimental value. Not to mention, the additional cost you need to bear is worth consideration. For certain kinds of art work, custom photo frames tend to enhance the overall piece compared to their store-bought counterparts.

Custom Photo Frames

There are various benefits of choosing custom photo frames. For example, there is no need for force- the art work inside the frame. What matters in this case is that the custom photo frame is the actual size of the art piece. The art piece dictates the kind of photo frame to be made. Apart from this, you have unlimited choices in matting, molding and type of material. It is best to choose high quality material which is acid-free and in this way the art work inside the frame will be preserved in its pristine quality. You may feel that the custom photo frame is expensive, but in reality, it is not. A good quality custom photo frame will retain its value as well as retaining the value of the piece it surrounds.

Since different types of art works need different types of treatments, a customized photo frame is the best choice. In this way, you may avail the perfect custom photo frame which is meant for a specific piece. In addition, there will be a team of professionals to handcraft the photo frame to your preference. The task will be done with expertise, thus you may feel more at ease and confident in the final product.

However, there are various drawbacks of choosing a standard photo frame

When you compare the benefits of custom photo frames and consider the drawbacks of standard photo frames, you will realize that it is best to choose only the custom photo frame. The material of the standard frame is always either resin or plastic. The glass of the frame may not feature UV protection; therefore artwork may be subjected to disintegration. The backing is also low quality cardboard and the mat is made up of wood cellulose product. Another major problem of these frames is that there are limitations to size. For instance, it may not be possible to find a frame with the dimension of 6”X17” if you desired. The benefit of getting an apt size photo frame comes with customization.

Custom Photo Frames

A complete protection to the art work

When you want a professional to customize the photo frame, you are free to discuss your needs. You can talk about the artwork or piece and how it will fit within the frame. The professional may use acid-free material, museum glass or UV based glass to safeguard the art work from external environmental factors like air pollutants, acid and sunlight. Whatever you do, do not tuck your previous art piece into the store bought cheap quality photo frame. You must do every bit of your work to get the custom photo frame prepared. It must be as per the piece to be stored inside. There must not be any fading of inks and colors. Do not force your art piece into a store bought frame.

Factors to consider when choosing a photo frame

Well if you are still planning to buy a photo frame from the market, you need to answer a series of questions:

  • Is your facility only using safe, eco-friendly acid-free materials?

  • Do you have adequate resource to cut the artwork and put it inside?

  • Can you handle various kinds of artworks?

All such questions might not be answered by you solely. It is best to choose professionals to safeguard your artistic piece and design a custom photo frame.

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