Creative New Year’s Resolutions for Artists

Wow, was this past year as tough for you as it was for me? I felt unbalanced and a little bit like I was living in a tornado (cue the flying obstacles to dodge just like Dorothy did!). When those hectic times occurred, I would...

Celebration is not limited to year-ends but stretches throughout. Every month gives us reasons to celebrate and millions of memories. How about framing the most precious ones this time and present it to your loved ones? Strand Framing, an Ireland based manufacturer and...

You may be wondering where the difference between store-bought photo frames and custom photo frame lie. There are many who just buy a standard photo frame from any art store while there are others who prefer customizing the photo frame. What matters here is the cost of...

November 27, 2018

Are you tired of shopping in a crowded Wal-mart where everyone is literally rushed, the produce is shipped in from who knows where, and natural, cruelty-free products are few and far between? If so, then give shopping locally a shot!

Finding out where your local service...

November 10, 2018

Custom Framing: What a Framer Can Do For You

The thought of getting artwork professionally framed sometimes makes artists queasy with intimidation. Thoughts run from “It’s too expensive!” to “Why can’t I just do it myself?” If you have the skills to do it yourself, you...

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